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Discover how Upskillable Virtual Assessment platform helps you
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We believe that, used wisely, behavioural science and Artificial Intelligence have the power to make the world better, allowing each person to find the place where they belong based on their talents, values and life goals.

Discover how upskillable Virtual Assessment Platform helps you screen, select & develop amazing people

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Hire the right talent faster without bias

Upskillable enables you to make hiring, training and promotional decisions based on people’s ability, competencies, and behaviour. We provide personality and skills assessments for job role competencies inclusive of Management, Software Development, & Cyber Security.

Identify & address your employee skills gaps with a learning & development plan

Upskillable helps you to accurately identify your peoples’ skills gaps by using assessment insights & your employee competency framework. Using the skills gap analysis, we will develop your team’s learning & development plan to maximise your training ROI and enhance employee performance.

Automate applicant selection with ease & confidence

When selecting people, your ability to quickly screen and qualify the best candidates rapidly is vital. Being able to select the most suitable candidates accurately will reduce dropout rates, turnover, and poor performance

Human + Tech = Hiring Success

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Upskillable Virtual Assessment Platform combines human insights on one platform


Determining the persons core ability to deal with complexity & learn


Quantity skill level & areas of improvement


Insights into a Person’s Behaviors, Motivations & Comptencies

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With rapid digitization, change and global skills, shortage the need to effectively develop talent is paramount. upskillable helps you to accurately identify your talent skills shortages and then automatically match employees to the right training.
Nabil Tuker
We were competing in a very crowded market and needed to grow rapidly by hiring qualified engineers. upskillable allowed us to find qualified people in a fraction of the time.
Hossein Bukhamseen

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Still confused about your career choice? We can help you!
Still confused about your career choice? We can help you!

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