Discover how you can build Silicon Valley skills in Data Science, AI & DevOps remotely to land a high paid job.

We know the top skills employers are looking for, as we headhunt tech talent for companies daily. For the first time you have remote access to a Silicon Valley designed bootcamp, part-time & full time hands-on online training. Join today to become part of an elite tech talent community.

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Apply Now

Learn the foundation of Software Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, & DevOps.

You will be immersed remotely in a live professional coding software development environment with peers and mentors.


Program Format
  • Daily Standups
  • Daily Questions and Answers
  • Peer Code Reviews
  • Live Coding Sessions
  • Local Startup Presentations


Program Format
  • Sprint Planning and Review
  • Sprint Retrospectives
  • Talks from Industry Experts
  • Project Demos


Program Format
  • Live Product Development Training
  • Talks from Silicon Valley Experts

Program Highlights

  • Online & fully remote
  • Multi tracks available – Bootcamp, Part Time & Full Time
  • Daily online meetings
  • Personal Mentors
  • Self-paced software development projects
  • Local & International peer to peer support & learning
  • Access to the latest software development environment & tools
  • Hands on projects
  • Development of a technical portfolio
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Agile training & Scrum Certification worth SAR 3000 included

Hear it From Industry Experts

"Awesome program to gain technical experience & soft skills."
"If you want to get into software development, or machine learning, or data science, then you should do these programs. Nothing else will quite prepare you for the workplace with the technical experience and soft skills."

Mirza Baig

Agile coach and consultant
“This is 21st-century learning built for 21st-century jobs.”
“These programs are the future of education. In the workplace, you have to work in teams, solve problems, design architecture well, debug efficiently, and ultimately deliver. That is exactly what you do in this program, and those are the kinds of graduates we're interested in hiring.”

Fahad Alanazy

General Manager IBM
“This isn't another training; this is an advanced technical degree”
“I'm impressed with the breadth and depth of these programs. We expect our software engineers to understand data structure and have experience in C/C++ as well as software architecture, network programming, and OOP. No other program I've seen covers this level of programming.”

Ghada Alhader

Solutions Architect Oracle


Fast track your career by joining one of our tough but fun tech talent programs with Silicon Valley Standards

AI / Machine Learning

Covers all major algorithms, their implementations, and working with large and complex data sets. Strong focus on both coding, data structures, and algorithms.
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Cloud Engineering / DevOps

Well-rounded problem-solving with strong technical capabilities in cloud tools, programming, scripting, and scalable infrastructure. Top-level DevOps and cloud tool training.
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Data Science / Engineering

A strong combination of data science with data engineering skills as well as programming and scripting. Tough, holistic program in the data science lifecycle.
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Full Stack Development

Work both front-end and back-end using tools, frameworks,languages. Program focus is on web and app development. Focuses on front-end and back-end development.
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Software Engineering

Focuses on back-end programming, data structures, algorithms, and software architecture. Program focus is on depth of technical skill and experience with enterprise projects.
Coming Soon

Pre-requisites & Requirements

You will need a good understanding of English and a desire to succeed to join the elite high performance tech community.


The learning material is in English so you will need a good command of English to complete the program.


You will need to remain committed to get the most out of this program and develop your skills edge.

Application Process

Here are the steps to enrol yourself successfully onto one of our tech programs


Register for the program


Take a qualifying assessment

Phone Interview

We'll review your application & conduct a phone interview


You will receive a program acceptance email and a link to complete payment


You will be enrolled in the program & will receive date & time for orientation.

Why Upskillable Tech Training

Here’s what sets us apart from your typical “old school” training & academic programs
Silicon Valley Standard

Our programs follow Silicon Valley curriculum & have been endorsed by prominent Silicon Valley CEOs

21st Century Skills

In order to reduce the skills gap and to help learners develop 21stcentury skills that the workplace demands, we essentially took the workplace and put it inside training programs

Personal Growth

Our programs are designed to help you develop soft skills and learn how to work in groups, often experiencing what worksand what doesn’t work.

Learning Community

Join an active global learning community of coders, hackers, thinkers, engineers, and developers. Contribution is expected, growth is encouraged.

Employment Support

We support each individual to make them more employable with CV review, personality assessment, one-to-one coaching with I/O Psychology, dummy interview and many more.

Proven Soft Skills

Employers want people with strong, structured problem solving skills. We help you develop such skills and how to think when approaching problems and team projects.

If you have questions about the training fill in the form below


We’re always working with employers to hire talented candidates

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