The cognitive assessment measures critical thinking, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning. Utilized to guide personal growth, identify training needs, conduct pre-employment testing, and enhance job performance.

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Why Does Your Company Need This?

Task Alignment​ - Cognitive Assessment
Task Alignment

Strategically aligns employee tasks with expertise, facilitating task assignment for companies.

Skill Gap Identification​ - Cognitive Assessment
Skill Gap Identification

Identifies training gaps, enabling targeted upskilling for improved job performance and efficiency.

Essential for Growth​ - Cognitive Assessment
Essential for Growth

Vital for personal growth, training initiatives & crucial for teams’ competitive advantage.


4 Cognitive Abilities Tested

Verbal Reasoning - Cognitive Assessment
Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning involves the ability to comprehend and analyze information presented in written or spoken language, showcasing strong English language comprehension skills.

Numerical Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning
Numerical Reasoning assesses an individual’s capacity to reason with numbers, interpret data, and solve mathematical problems efficiently.
Abstract Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning evaluates one’s capability to think critically and draw logical conclusions by identifying patterns and relationships in non-verbal information.
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking refers to the skill of objectively analyzing and evaluating information to make reasoned decisions and solve problems effectively.
The Science behind

The Science behind Our Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessments are devised to understand the core brain skills of individuals and subsequently use these insights to benchmark the minimum ability required to perform a task efficiently. There is no one universally accepted theory or model of cognitive assessments. Each researcher begins by understanding and describing the abilities that are used to perform a particular task or a job.

Benchmarked abilities and cognitive needs help evaluate 4 core brain skills.

Based on this preliminary description, the cognitive abilities or brain based skills required are identified. The researcher then embarks on a journey of devising interesting and empirical ways of assessing these abilities.The upskillable Cognitive Assessment assesses an individual on the Critical Thinking abilities, Numerical Reasoning abilities, Abstract Reasoning abilities and (English) Verbal Reasoning abilities. These theories and models have multiple uses ranging from pre-employment screening, assessing training gaps and identifying key performers.

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