Benefits of conducting personality tests during job applications

What are personality assessments?

As a professional employee appraisal company, we are aware of the importance of employing excellent employees in your company. Personal tests can help!

Personality assessments are a type of job test that will help you discover and identify the skills and talent of the desired employee. Provide you with accurate information based on scientific principles to assess and analyze personality. In addition, these tests can help employers find talent or identify suitable applicants to join their organizations.

Why should you use personality assessments in the recruitment process?

It's no secret that hiring the right candidate for the job is essential for any organization- but how can you be sure you'll find the right person? This is where the importance of personality tests comes in. A traditional CV may give a snapshot of a person's skills and experiences, but it does not paint a full picture of their personality, motivation or compatibility with a team. That's why many employers have switched to personality tests as part of their selection process. Here highlights the importance of personality tests!

How can the use of personality tests help you in the recruitment process?

When it comes to employment, it is necessary to make sure you are looking for the best person for the job. You want to assess their background, qualifications and skills while getting a better idea of them on a more individual level. That's why many companies choose to use personality tests as part of the recruitment process.

  • Using personality assessments during the recruitment process can help reduce employees turnover and increase retention.
  • Personality assessments can identify areas of growth where it may be necessary to train candidates before joining your company or team.
  • It also helps evaluate competence and problem solving and communication skills – criterias that are very important to determine before recruitment.
  • Increase cooperation and create a more productive workplace.
  • Highlight potential leadership qualities in candidates.
  • It may help build a collaborative and coherent team regardless of the types of personalities of its members.

Personality assessment of Upskillable Platform! Personality assessments may undoubtedly provide you with the data you want to build a perfect team, if you are interested in using personality tests for the recruitment process or to develop the skills of your current employees, you can browse the personality assessments offered by Upskillable.

Our assessment is a scientific tool designed to systematically obtain information about a person's qualities, motivations, preferences, interests, interaction with people, attitudes and the like. This data helps you better understand yourself or your staff, build stronger relationships, and achieve your goals more easily. Our test consists of 3 main parts, each testing specific capabilities. It takes about 27 minutes to finish it.

  • Disc Assessment :

    The first assessment measured the candidate’s behavioral pattern, which dates back to the DISC model of human behavior developed by psychologist William Martson. This assessment helps understand the candidate’s pattern of behaviour and can be used to determine whether the candidate is suitable to work in a particular situation or to work with a particular team.
  • Motivations assessment:

    The second assessment, which measures motivation and motivational style and is based on the research of Dr. Gordon Alport and Dr. Edward Spranger. This assessment helps understand what motivates a candidate and what drives them to work hard, and can be used to identify the best ways to motivate a candidate and maintain a high level of performance.
  • Assessment of strengths:

    The third assessment, which works to measure an individual’s strengths, is based on Dr. Robert Hartman. This assessment helps understand what strengths the candidate has and how they can be better used in the work, and can be used to determine the best appropriate roles for the candidate as well as to prepare a personal development plan to improve vulnerabilities

It is very necessary to use personality assessments during the recruitment process to identify candidates and choose the most suitable person for the desired role. However, testing their cognitive skills is equally important. To know their mental abilities and mental skills to determine whether they are the right candidate. So, we also introduce you!

Cognitive Ability Assessment from Upskillable!

It is an assessment designed by Upskillable platform to measure an individual’s cognitive abilities, including memory, attention, cognition, language and problem-solving skills. The test evaluates the candidate on the following four cognitive skills:

  • Critical Thinking:

    Assesses the ability to process information in a logical and objective manner.
  • Verbal thinking:

    Assesses the ability to solve problems by understanding words and languages.
  • Numerical Thinking:

    Assesses the ability to think using numerical numbers and concepts.
  • Abstract reasoning:

    Assesses the ability to think about information to solve unfamiliar new problems regardless of any prior knowledge.

Now that you’ve learned about the different types of personality assessments and their individual benefits, you can make an informed decision about the right choice for your company. When it comes to personality tests, there are many options available in the Upskillable platform to suit different needs.

How can you determine the right assessment for your company and potential employees?

Choosing the right personality test for your business is an important responsibility. It can help you hire the right people, create a positive work environment to ensure your success. By making an informed decision and dedicating time to choosing the right test, you’ll be able to increase your company’s chances of hiring the right people – ultimately leading to more long-term success.

  • First, assess how closely the test is aligned with your organization’s objectives. You want to choose a test that focuses on the specific features and qualities you are looking for in your employees.

  • Secondly, take into account industry and the level of function involved. Tests such as personality assessments may give you greater insights into how a candidate behaves in certain work situations

  • Third, you will also need to think about the cost of the test. Personality test prices can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It is important to find a test within your budget while still delivering accurate results.

  • Finally, keep in mind that any tests must contain detailed instructions so that all candidates understand what is expected of them, and this ensures fairness throughout the recruitment process.

In conclusion

Personality assessments should be a key tool in any recruitment process. Relying on personality tests and assessments can help you find the right staff to help your organization reach its goals. While a traditional job interview can give you an overview of the candidate. Personality tests can provide you with additional and detailed insight into how candidates fit your organization.

You can take advantage of the tests available in the Upskillable platform that help you assess the capabilities of employees, identify each applicant’s experiences and accurately identify their skills away from their CV which may not provide real data about the candidate and his or her abilities. These tests also provide tangible results so that employers can compare those results among all candidates and make more accurate recruitment decisions in record time according to the work requirements.



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