Understanding the impact of Artistic Interest at work

artistic interest- a boy painting

Analyze the image and unlock a BONUS at the end of the newsletter This newletter brings a fresh perspective on another workplace competency, Artistic Interests! It is defined as, “The tendency to appreciate art, beauty, artistic interests, and artistic people. It refers to a strong attraction, preference, or inclination towards art, aesthetics, and creative expressions. […]

Why is being adventurous considered important in the workplace?

Can you guess the common factor in these seemingly unrelated images? Did you figure it out? These images may appear unrelated at first glance, but they all share a common underlying theme These images represent moments of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, seeking high levels of stimulation, and embracing risk. Whether it’s the adrenaline […]

Tolerance For Diversity

Add Your Heading Text Here Open Possesses a very open and accepting attitude towards individuals from all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. Is extremely comfortable working in diverse teams and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. Highly efficient at understanding different perspectives and treats everyone as equals. Always avoids stereotypes and never lets any biases cloud […]

Modesty as a competency: are you too modest in the workplace?

are you modest

Alex, my teammate, often finds ways to boast about his abilities and accomplishments subtly during team meetings. He has a competitive streak, always aiming to highlight his contributions in successful projects. During discussions, Alex openly points out others’ mistakes, sometimes causing tension within the team. His behavior can lead to some team members feeling undervalued […]

The Power of Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity isn’t confined to a canvas; it’s a dynamic force that ignites innovation, fuels progress, and saturates our work lives with vibrant hues. Creativity isn’t just a trait; it’s the magnetic force propelling individuals toward triumphs and organizations toward unprecedented advancements Join us as we unravel the power of creativity—an interactive journey where imagination isn’t […]

The power of self-awareness in the work environment!!

self awareness

Have you ever wondered why some people at work seem to shine while others struggle to get ahead? The secret is self-awareness. When you understand your strengths, weaknesses, values ​​and motivations, you gain insights that help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities. You can make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and achieve greater success and […]

How intellectual curiosity fuels innovation in the workplace

الفضول الفكري

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, intellectual curiosity is the fuel that drives progress. Intellectual curiosity, simply defined as a strong desire to understand things and explore knowledge, is the driver of groundbreaking discoveries and unparalleled progress. When you continue on the journey of learning, you open your mind and your thinking to new ideas […]

Elevate Your Career Development with upskillable

Career Development in Saudi Arabia

In the heart of the Middle East, where opportunities abound and ambition thrives, Saudi Arabia stands as a beacon of progress and innovation. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030, driven by the relentless pursuit of diversification, economic growth, and human development, has paved the way for an exciting era of transformation. Amidst this backdrop, career development has […]

Empowering Career Development In KSA: The Profound Impact of Upskillable’s Psychometric Assessments on Individuals and Organizations

In the dynamic world of today, where the pursuit of career development is more crucial than ever, Upskillable’s suite of psychometric assessments emerges as a transformative force, this is true not only for individuals but also for organizations aiming to reach new heights of performance and success. These assessments offer profound insights into personality, leadership […]

The launch of our upskillable platform! How it contributes to career development in KSA?

We are excited to announce the launch of the upskillable platform soon on October 18, 2023!! This is a modern platform that seeks to provide organizations with the tools, guidance and resources they need to discover and harness the capabilities of their employees to raise their performance and improve teamwork within teams. Moreover, To provide […]