The launch of our upskillable platform! How it contributes to career development in KSA?

We are excited to announce the launch of the upskillable platform soon on October 18, 2023!!

This is a modern platform that seeks to provide organizations with the tools, guidance and resources they need to discover and harness the capabilities of their employees to raise their performance and improve teamwork within teams. Moreover, To provide individuals with the tools to assess their strengths, weaknesses and orientation in the journey of self-discovery and career development.

What is Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030?

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is an enormous catalyst for human and technological development. It is an ambitious blueprint for the nation’s future. Under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the essence of this vision is to elevate the Saudi citizen, enhance his functional competence and support continuing education. To achieve these ambitious goals, companies need to evolve and adapt and build a culture of continuous improvement that invests in employees’ professional growth.

The vision aims to:

  1. Promoting innovation: The plan prioritizes innovation in various sectors, with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship.
  2. Empowering the workforce: The Vision recognizes the importance of a skilled and motivated workforce to drive economic growth.
  3. Improving the quality of life: Improving the quality of life for Saudi citizens is a fundamental pillar of the vision, with goals including improving health care, continuious education and cultural opportunities.
  4. Strengthening international partnerships: Saudi Arabia aims to be a global player and forge strong international partnerships to promote its economic and social objectives.

this was our main inspiration for the upskillable platform, a career development platform that enables individuals to unlock their potential, and team leaders to harness their leadership skills and for organizations to align their goals with Vision 2030‘s goals.

upskillable: a factor of change

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the upskillable platform on the 18th of October 2023!

This innovative platform will revolutionize professional and leadership development for individuals and teams. We will provide scientifically-backed assessment tools and empowering services to help you discover your potential and achieve your goals.

Join our community on the 18th of October and be users of our platform.

Here's how our platform can help organizations:

1. Evaluate and unleash individual potential: To promote innovation, growth and create a difference, it is essential to have a compatible workforce that is adaptable and equipped with appropriate skills. Our platform provides individuals with the tools to assess their strengths, weaknesses and orientation in the journey of self-discovery. By helping individuals understand their potential, we encourage them to take proactive steps towards personal development and career growth.

2. Leadership development: One of the key pillars of Vision 2030 is the development of leadership skills among individuals and Saudi citizens specifically to drive development. Our platform provides the necessary tools that enable team leaders to discover and enhance their leadership capabilities. This not only benefits team leaders, but also translates into better management and coordination of competencies within organizations.

3. Team dynamics and collaboration: The success of an institution depends heavily on effective teamwork. Our platform goes beyond individual development and delves into the dynamics of the team. By helping team leaders understand the personalities and abilities of their team members, collaboration and decision-making are better facilitated. This is particularly important in industries where innovation and problem-solving are critical skills.

4. Tailor-made learning and development plans: Our platform does not stop with evaluations only. It provides personal reports and plans for learning and development for individuals and teams. These plans are aligned with the specific skills and competencies required to excel in the rapidly developing workforce market.

5. Continuous Learning: Vision 2030 emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. The data-based scientific curriculum allows enterprises to track the progress of their staff and teams over time. This data can be used to identify areas that require further development and measure the impact of training programs, thereby promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

upskillable's Services

We provide a comprehensive set of assessments based on scientific foundations. Designed to empower individuals and organizations through valuable insights into cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns. These evaluations are used as accurate tools for informed decision-making in different areas, such as workforce training, employment, education, personal development and career development:

Overview of our Assessments:

Big 5 Assessment: A 63-question personality assessment crafted to assess an individual’s work-related behaviors, attitudes, and personality traits.
DISC Assessment: A personality tool comprising 14 questions aimed at gauging and comprehending your preferred behavioral style in a workplace setting.
Leadership Assessment: Serves as a personality tool, used to evaluate an individual’s leadership potential and identify dominant leadership approach within a professional environment.
Values Index: Functions as a personality assessment aimed at measuring and comprehending your favored motivational style and driving factors. It comprises 10 questions.
Grit Assessment: Evaluates an individual’s tenacity, a blend of passion, perseverance, and resilience in achieving lasting goals. It has 18 questions.
Cognitive Assessment: evaluates strengths and weaknesses in Cognitive functions of Critical Thinking, (English) Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. It has 4 parts with a total of 32 questions.

Teams Management Features:

In addition to individual evaluations, our upskillable platform offers strong team management features that enable team leaders to improve collaboration and collective performance for success:

Team invitations: Team leaders can easily invite team members to participate in assessments through the platform. This simplified process ensures that the entire team can benefit from the insights and reports provided by our assessments.

Tracking progress: Leaders can track team members’ progress when completing assessments and participating in learning and development activities. This feature allows real-time monitoring to develop and grow skills within the team.

Detailed reports: Team leaders receive detailed reports summarizing the results of individual evaluations and team evaluations. These reports provide actionable insights and recommendations on targeted improvements and development initiatives.

By integrating these assessments and the teams’ management advantages into its work, organizations can harness the full potential of their workforce. This is not only in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, but also contributes to the development of a highly skilled workforce capable of adapting and competing to global standards, which can drive innovation and growth in the ever changing economic landscape.

upskillable is your partner in achieving these goals, supporting you in your individual and functional success for a brighter future.

Start your journey to success now: Click to start now.



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