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For the first time you have remote access to a Silicon Valley designed AI bootcamp, part-time & full time hands-on online training. Join today to become part of an elite regional tech talent community.

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Learn 21st Century Skills with Hands-on Experience

Upskillable Silicon Valley Program teaches strong 21st-century technical skills that can only be developed through hands-on learning, not in a classroom.
Depth of Technical Portfolio

Learners develop a technology portfolio that has depth and shows the extent of their technical skills and ability to handle databases, deployments, and development. Neither other bootcamps nor CS degrees offer this.

Skills-based Learning

Our active learning methods are designed to develop skills & the ability to perform, This increases an employee and learner’s value to their organization.

Cool Tools, Easy to Implement

Our platform has a built-in integrated development environment (IDE), online chat, & Git system. Learners do not need to install any software on their devices to use our system. The IDE & our peer code review system with Git integration resemble what real-life work of software engineers.

Learning System Design

Our active learning is a combination of project or problem-based learning, competency-based peer project reviews, gamification, & role-plays to foster hard & soft skill development at a level that the workplace demands in today’s digital world.
Self-managed Learning

We empower learners to take control of their learning, increasing their motivation, engagement, and retention. Our software empowers learners to learn on their own.

Gamification System

We use correction points, experience points, and community points to foster motivation, accountability, and learning ownership

Peer Review System

Our platform uses an algorithm to assign reviewers who are already advanced and competent. Projects submitted for review are reviewed and scored based on given criteria

Autocorrection System

Our platform has an autocorrection system that will evaluate whether a submitted exercise returns the correct result and passes use or test cases.

The Machine Learning Program Will Transform Your Skills & Career

Here’s what you’ll gain just from the Pre-season (bootcamp)
  • Navigating and using the terminal and shell environment
  • Python libraries and syntax, variables, if statements, functions, loop statements, data structures, basic algorithms, SQLite and CSV as databases
  • Data scraping via API, data collection, data transformation, and data analysis - the foundations of an AI machine learner
  • Basic software engineering principles
  • Basic problem solving
  • Learning Creativity
  • Solving real challenges
Tools, Frameworks, & Languages
  • Python
  • APIs
  • SQL
  • IDE
  • Git
  • Agile product development with Scrum.
  • Machine Learning Certification

Machine Learning Full Silicon Valley Curriculum

Here are all the modules starting with the Pre-Season (Available as Bootcamp)

pre-season (bootcamp)

Basic software engineering principles, variables, functions, loop statements, if statements, basic algorithms, and data structures. Get comfortable with the terminal, Python libraries, and thinking about the data cycle from collection to analysis.

Javascript, IDE, Terminal


Cover fundamental computer programming concepts and learn the basics of C. Build a solid foundation in back-end programming including pointers, arrays, strings, algorithms, hash data structures, software architecture, blockchain basics, and more.

C, IDE, Assembly


Learners move on to Python and the fundamentals of machine learning, covering regressions, training sets, structured vs unstructured data, and data collection, display, and storage. Learners also cover some of the cloud-based tools available for ML.

Python, Pytorch, Jupyter


Perhaps one of the more challenging tracks, learners dig into advanced machine learning algorithms, linear regression, and classification, neural networks, logistic regression, optimization and performance, support vector machines, supervised vs unsupervised learning, Kaggle and large/complex data sets, reinforcement learning.

Python, Panda, Tensor Flow, Keras, Jupyter


Learners complete a final program project that aligns with the industry in which they want to get a job. The project must be about 3 months in duration and of significant technical difficulty. Learners will also contribute to open source projects from Kaggle.

Python, Panda, Tensor Flow, Keras, Jupyter

Get Into Top-Tier Machine Learning Jobs

Compare what job requirements demand and what you’ll do at Upskillable
Skill Demanded In Job
tech skills

Advanced algorithms, advanced data structures, and databases, C++/OPP, Elixir, network programming, Git, C.

Software Data experience

Experience building and developing software, familiarity with the software development cycle, turn tech specs into architecture and codebase

Soft Skills

Problem-solving, creativity, strong written and verbal communication, get-it-done attitude

What our program teaches you
tech skills

Advanced algorithms, advanced data structures, and databases, C++/OPP, Elixir, network programming, Git, C.

Software Data experience

Rebuild Slack or Skype, rebuild 2 databases, code some key C libraries, and complete a final industry project.

Soft Skills

Structured problem solving, creativity, strong written and verbal communication and collaboration skills, get-it-done attitude

Program Options Available

Summer Bootcamp, Part-Time & Full Time programs available
Pre-season/ Summer Bootcamp
  • Fully Remote
  • Sunday to Thursday with a weekly talk
  • Self-paced learning 10am to 6pm – Saudi time
  • Minimum 30 hours per week study time recommended
Program Duration: 8 weeks
Program fee: SAR 2997 onetime
Start Date
Sunday July 11th, 2021

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Part Time - Complete Program
  • Fully Remote
  • Saturday Meetups with 2 evening talks per month
  • Self-paced learning during the week
  • 20 hours per week minimum study time recommended
Program Duration: 10 months
Program fee: SAR 947 per month
Start Date
16th August, 2021 | 18th October, 2021
18th January, 2022

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Full Time Complete Program
  • Fully Remote
  • Sunday to Thursday with a weekly talk
  • Self-paced learning 10am to 6pm – Saudi tim
  • Minimum 30 hours per week study time recommended
Program Duration: 7 months
Program fee: SAR 1250 per month
Start Date
20th Sept, 2021
22nd November, 2021

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Application Process

Here are the steps to enrol yourself successfully onto one of our tech programs


Register for the program


Take a qualifying assessment

Phone Interview

We'll review your application & conduct a phone interview


You will receive a program acceptance email and a link to complete payment


You will be enrolled in the program & will receive date & time for orientation.

Your Learning Journey

Learning Top Skills is Tough

Learning skills is like learning a sport, driving, or cooking: it takes time, learning by doing, trial and error, and a lot of practice. NBA players don’t get good by watching lectures or videos. Skills-based learning at upskillable is demanding and practical.

Perseverance is The Secret Sauce To Success

The key to our programs is to not give up. No matter how difficult the problem is in front of you, do not give up. Great engineers do not give up but instead apply structured problem solving.

Earn an Exclusive Certificate

After your hard work and upon completing the program, learners will earn a certificate from Upskillable Silicon Valley for the Elite Data Science Program.

Career Support

Our entire program is designed to make you a great candidate. During the final Season, you will complete 40 technical interviews, gaining experience and practice for real technical interviews.
Strong Software Foundations
You gain strong foundations with advanced algorithms and data structures as well as databases and coding norms.
Strong Technical Portfolio
Thanks to our deep project-based learning approach, you naturally generate a technical portfolio that shows what you can do.
Proven Soft Skills & Problem Solving
Employers want people with strong, structured problem-solving skills. We help you develop such skills and how to think when approaching problems and team projects.
Confidence in Interviewing
Because you practice so many interviews and have a strong foundational base in data structures and C programming, you can have confidence when you go into technical interviews.

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