The Values Index answers the question of “WHY” an individual is motivated to use one’s talents. Insights from this values assessment enables one to find ways of achieving objectives that resonate with their motivations.

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Why Does Your Company Need This?

Motivational Mastery

A crucial tool for adding value, motivating teams by efficiently highlighting core drivers

Potential Optimization

Optimizes employee and team potential, offering insights into motivators & fostering engagement

Goal Alignment

Aligns personal goals with motivations for employees, promoting a more fulfilling work life.

Team Collaboration

Enhances team collabo-ration, ensures strategies resonate, increasing overall effectiveness


7 Competencies Tested

Beauty and Harmony

The drive for form, harmony, beauty and balance

The drive for altruism and service to others

The drive for money, practical results, return

The drive for order and routine

The drive for uniqueness and personal expression

The drive for theoretical knowledge and understanding

The drive for control and power

The Science behind

The Science behind Our Values Assessment

The upskillable Values Index model draws heavy inspiration from Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport’s works on an individual’s preferred motivational style and drivers. The theory provides insights into what drives individuals and influences their choices, actions, and preferences. 

The values assessment is designed to assess individuals’ unique set of values across different dimensions, such as intrinsic (e.g. people’s value is inherent and does not depend on anything else), extrinsic (e.g. things and actions as extremal sources and are not innate), and systemic values (conceptual values)

Unlocking motivations and choices, the Values Index model, inspired by Sprenger and Allport, decodes 7 key value competencies.

The Upskillable Values Index assesses the 7 competencies, namely, Beauty and Harmony, Financial Reward, Independence, Influence, Helping Others, Structure and Knowledge. It aims to provide individuals and organizations with a deeper understanding of one’s priorities, motivators, and guiding principles, enabling them to make aligned choices and work with more purpose.This insight results in greater satisfaction and overall success at the workplace.

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