The DISC is an empirical assessment that answers the question of “HOW” an individual prefers to use one’s talents. It sheds light on the way people behave, communicate, and react in the workplace.


Why Does Your Company Need This?

Behavioral Mastery

Tool for behaviour under-standing, communication, collaboration, & conflict resolution.

DISC Insights

Apply insights into; Decisiveness, Interactivity,
Steadiness, & Cautiousness.

Strengths Leveraging

Leverage strengths for competitive edge, enhancing team dynamics, & skill growth.

Talent Optimization

DISC Assessment is a shortcut to optimizing talents for unparalleled success in the workplace.


4 Behavioural Styles Tested

Decisiveness is the ability to make quick and firm decisions, enabling individuals to take prompt and effective action in various situations.
Interactivity refers to the degree of engagement and collaboration with others, indicating a willingness to communicate, share ideas, and work collectively towards common goals.
Steadiness represents a consistent and stable approach to work and relationships, demonstrating reliability, patience, and resilience in challenging circumstances.
Compliance involves adherence to rules, regulations, and organizational policies, showing a commitment to following guidelines, and maintaining ethical standards.
The Science behind

The Science behind Our DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment is rooted in the science of personality psychology and behavioural analysis. It was developed with the purpose of understanding and predicting human behavior in various contexts. Based on the pioneering work of psychologist William Marston in the early 20th century, the assessment identifies and categorizes individuals’ behavioral styles across four dimensions.

He proposed that individuals exhibit different behavioral patterns based on their preferred way of interacting with their environment.  These styles are based on observable patterns of behavior and are believed to reflect individuals’ natural tendencies in various situations.

Rooted in psychology & behavior analysis, the DISC assessment, inspired by Marston's legacy, unveils 4 behavioral styles.

The DISC assessment provides valuable insights into how individuals interact, communicate, and behave. Through the assessment, individuals gain a deeper understanding of their natural tendencies, strengths, and areas for growth. It can be used to enhance self-awareness, improve interpersonal dynamics, and optimize performance in work environments.

DISC Assessment

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