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upskillable provides you with a shortlist of validated candidates that meet your requirements & budget

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Companies that trust us

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Hossein Bukhamseen - Cofounder - CTO

We were competing in a very crowded market and needed to grow rapidly by hiring qualified engineers. upskillable allowed us to find qualified people in a fraction of the time.

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Nabil Tuker - Managing Director

We launched an apprenticeship program with a high volume of applicants. upskillable helped us assess and select from nearly 1000 applicants in less than a week.

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Ahmed Idris - Technical Director

We wanted to recruit at universities and in cities, we don’t normally recruit from. upskillable helped us diversify our candidate pool and find talented engineers.

Reliably improve the quality of your hire using skills and ability data

upskillable provides you with highly skilled technology professionals that have validated their technical skills & cognitive ability through assessments

Save time by focusing on the right candidates

upskillable provides you with a validated directory of technology professionals. So you don't waste time manually sourcing & filtering out unsuitable applicants

1000 applicants apply, 100 pass candidate pre-screening, 10 have a great job fit score, 5 are short listed for interview

How upskillable works

    upskillable analyzes technology market requirements
    upskillable creates competency based skills challenges
    Job seekers take free skill challenges
    upskillable conducts interviews of job seekers
    upskillable matches job seekers with the most suitable employers

Our Platinum Plan Special Offer

Features and Investment


4997 SAR
Rebate Scheme Period – If the candidate leaves or fails probation, we will provide a replacement candidate or refund the fee based on a scaled rebate scheme. 6 months
Service Duration – We aim to start providing qualified candidates within 10 working days and up till the service duration. Ongoing
Roles – upskillable specializes in building a validated candidate pool for all Tech related positions. IT, Developers, Sales, Project Managers & C-level
Dedicate Recruitment Consultant & Role Analysis - To ensure minimum of 3 qualified candidates are provided that meet all your job role specifications & budget.
Candidate Competency Mapping & Screening – all candidates are assessed to ensure they meet the client requirements.
Interviews Scheduling – Our Recruitment Consultant will share a collaborative calendar & facilitate candidate interview scheduling.
Passive Sourcing – Headhunting – For highly specialized and senior roles and where there is a skills shortage our Recruitment Consultants will headhunt suitable candidates.
Psychometric Assessment – Personality assessment used to match client culture and values. Cognitive Assessment is the most accurate predictor of future job performance.
Access to Our Talent Portal – To review qualified candidates and manage interviews.

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