What Should Organizations Look For in Leadership Assessments?

Leadership assessments have become popular tools among organizations to test leadership potential for hiring new employees and promoting existing employees to leadership positions. A leadership assessment includes psychological tests that facilitate understanding work-related personality, behavioural style, and skills.

Organizations are using leadership assessments to: 

  • Develop or refine the leadership plan of the organization. Identify and develop current employees who have the potential to become future leaders;
  • Use the talents and strengths of the employees to the fullest extent;
  • Build collective leadership; 
  • Identify improvement areas of existing employees; 
  • Increasing self-awareness and self-development of employees; and 
  • Efficiently use the time and resources of the organization. 

This article will focus on the most important aspects an organization needs to look for in leadership assessment, namely: 

  • Leadership Style
  • Key Leadership Skills
  • How Upskillable’s Leadership Assessment Tool Can Help Your Organization


Today’s ever-changing environment requires flexible leaders who can quickly adapt to different situations and roles. New changes in technology, globalization, workforce, diversity, and priorities at work are some of the challenges organizations face today. An organization needs leaders to assess each situation and find the most suitable strategy to complete the task or solve the problem. Such adaptive leadership or situational leadership helps an organization deal with changes, threats, and immediate crises, such as the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. An adaptive leadership assessment helps identify people with these leadership qualities.  

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A good leadership assessment test will assess the following leadership skills and qualities.

  • Problem Solving Ability – The ability to solve all kinds of problems, think from different perspectives and find workable solutions for the organization. 
  • Decision Making – The ability to make efficient and quick decisions based on reliable information.  
  • Getting Results – The ability to get the team to achieve results and maintain standards. 
  • Strategic Perspective – The ability to look at the holistic perspective and prepare for the future.
  • Communication Skills – Ability to communicate in a straightforward manner, listen to others, and share openly. 
  • Emotional Intelligence – The ability to understand and manage one’s own and other people’s emotions. Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill for any leader.
  • People Management – The ability to build trust within the team, form strong connections, create a safe space, and inspire and motivate team members to accomplish goals.
  • Self-Management – The tendency to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses which enables one to understand and regulate one’s emotions and behaviours and also be responsible for one’s actions.
  • Coaching & Mentoring – The ability to provide constructive feedback and help and direct employees’ professional growth. 
  • Integrity and Honesty – The values of ethically performing the job.

How Upskillable’s Leadership Assessment Tool Can Help Your Organization

upskillable offers a virtual leadership assessment that helps organizations screen, select, and develop their employees. It is based on the upskillable leadership model (ULM), which has been meticulously created by studying research conducted between 1940 and 2019. upskillable’s leadership assessment provides detailed insights and a comprehensive report on the following: 

  • Scores on ten key leadership competencies stated above, along with sub-competencies under each head
  • Leadership style
  • Potential strengths 
  • Areas of improvement
  • Overall leadership score

Additionally, it

  • is user-friendly and easy to use
  • can be quickly completed online 
  • provides the report immediately
  • allows comparison with the norm population

Understanding an organization’s needs is the first step in successfully leading it towards its success; thus, it is vital to have an adaptive leader with the necessary leadership skills and qualities. Leadership assessment is a helpful, time-saving, research, and data-based tool organizations use to help them find or develop the right people for leadership roles.    

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Edited & Published by: upskillable team

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