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Organizations are facing a more challenging and competitive environment than ever before in the VUCA climate of 2022, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. As a result, the qualities of a successful leader in the modern economic environment are evolving. Learning initiatives must implement modern management and leadership trends in 2022 and the following years to effectively educate present and future leaders and managers for success. 

Trends of leadership

  • Lowering organizational hierarchies

The current scenario does not require leaders to micromanage their subordinates. Gone are the “hero” leader or smartest person in the room concepts. Organizations require leaders who can thrive in cross-functional and collaborative environments. Flatter firms typically have higher levels of employee responsibility, which boosts job satisfaction and reduces the need for micro-management.

  • Growing urge to improve ourselves and others

Leaders can no longer claim to know everything about the rapidly evolving technical environment. A greater demand exists for individuals and teams to learn, advance, and grow. Employee empowerment is the key and can be achieved through training and development interventions. A special report on Transformative Leadership touches on how leaders can empower their teams through learning, training, mentoring, and coaching and progress together.

  • Approaching the “Talent Slope”

Businesses must be prepared for the retirement of the largest workforce in history. Mentoring, coaching, and job shadowing are a few ways how organizations can handle the transition and train millennial leaders to take charge.

Many firms close to the talent cliff hire apprentices to help those interested in the field gain practical experience. Hiring apprentices also gives the firm the advantage to expand its staff.

  • Pursuing gender equality

An effective leader must use a resource that is sometimes dreadfully underutilized: its female managers. Improved national productivity and economic growth are linked to workplace gender equality. This is also associated with improved organizational performance, a better capacity for businesses to find and keep personnel, and a better reputation for the organization.

  • Placing Importance on soft skills development

Emotional intelligence, creativity, adaptability, and time management are some examples of soft skills that are a must-have to succeed in today’s business world. Increased leadership potential, workplace contentment, and job performance will result from spending resources on soft skill training for employees. An increased number of leaders are focusing on developing their soft skills and the soft skills of their employees. 

  • Utilizing a hybrid approach to leadership and management development

The flexibility of a blended approach to leadership and learning makes it much easier to keep up with the scaling business. The need for this flexibility in approach is growing, particularly nowadays, when working from home and remote working is much more common.

  •  Increasing Remote and flexible jobs

Social media, communication platforms, and cutting-edge technology will help your business make a smooth transition to remote working. The advancement and greater use of technology require leaders to become agile and adapt these trends in their organizations. More and more employees are preferring remote jobs. Leaders need to adapt to the current trends to stay in business.

  • Adapting Millennials

The key to ensuring smooth transitions whenever the next generation of employees (Gen Z) enters the workforce is to develop training methods to ensure millennials are well-prepared for leadership. While millennials are well equipped with technology and its uses, training from seasoned leaders can help them learn the intricacies of leadership and business. 

  • Understanding it’s Okay to “Not know and Take advice”.

It has become possible to call in outside consultants to share their knowledge and experiences once a leader acknowledges that they may not know everything about their area of expertise. Such understanding helps in saving a lot of time and productivity. Leaders must know what they do not know and should be willing to call in experts when needed. 

  • Adapting Artificial intelligence

AI is being developed and adopted gradually to supplement and replace human customer support agents. These changes consequently call for a change not only in the way the leadership functions but also in the way in which the employees are trained to work. Leaders must try to keep up the pace with the changing trends and utilize resources to equip the workforce so that they learn and adapt accordingly.

upskillable: Leadership Assessment

upskillable’s Leadership Assessment is an objective and scientific assessment catered to individuals having leadership roles. Its benefits are:

  1. Identifying Future Leaders
  2. Recruitment and Promotion Decisions
  3. Training and Development of employees
  4. Succession Planning 
  5. Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness

upskillable assessment focuses on 44 leadership competencies and leadership styles. Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, in Primal Leadership, describe six styles of leading that have different effects on the emotions of the target followers. These styles are:

  • The Commanding Leader
  • The Affiliative Leader
  • The Coaching Leader
  • The Democratic Leader
  • The Pacesetting Leader
  • The Visionary Leader

The qualities of a successful leader in the modern business environment are evolving. To effectively train the present and future leaders and managers for success, learning initiatives need to be progressive and adapt to the market’s current needs. 

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Written by:
Deepika Behera

Edited and published by:
upskillable team

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