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Making a career choice is one of the most difficult decisions in a person’s life. It’s one of those critical phases where people make a route for themselves to walk upon in their journey. Therefore, this decision must be made with logical and realistic thinking and should not be taken in haste. Most of us encounter this phase after schooling and after completing college. A Career Assessment can help make this process convenient and provide an individual with more confidence in their career choice. With the upskillable online Career Interest Inventory, choosing the right career has become even simpler and more convenient. 

Career Assessment 

Career assessments or career tests assist individuals in finding an appropriate career option by recognizing and evaluating personal elements such as skills, expertise, interests, motivations, values, personality traits, and so on. It assesses an individual’s interests and potential to work in a specific job role. It is one of the most convenient approaches to resolving a career dilemma (Simplilearn, 2022). 

Career assessments are viral among college graduates who are going to enter the work world and are exploring an infinite number of career choices. Career assessments for college graduates offer the necessary guidance concerning their inclination, interest, and skills, helping them to find their best career choice.

Reasons to take a career assessment test

  1. It helps to identify one’s potential.
  2. It makes an individual explore their passion in depth.
  3. It helps to narrow down career choices.
  4. It is useful for aligning a person’s career with their talents and personal goals.
  5. It makes individuals realize their hidden capabilities.
  6. It helps a person tackle the confusion regarding many available career options.
  7. It makes decision-making fast and efficient.
  8. Moreover, it reduces the stress caused by ambiguity.

upskillable Career Interest Inventory

The Career Interest Inventory by upskillable is a tool for measuring and assessing a person’s degree of interest in or preference for a range of activities. The assessment uses the Holland Occupational Themes theory to derive the scores and their interpretations of six unique personality types, which depend on our preferences and how we handle different events in life. The six types are: 

  • Realistic,  
  • Investigative, 
  • Artistic, 
  • Social, 
  • Enterprising, and 
  • Conventional.

Empirical evidence strongly supports the existence of Holland’s RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) categories and their ordering among people and settings (Nauta, 2010).

The benefits of taking a career assessment with upskillable

  1. It is well-researched.
  2. It is easy to administer.
  3. The report is comprehensive and easily understood.
  4. The report also includes scores represented through a graph for ease of interpretation.
  5. Corresponding career options are also included with the interest areas.
  6. Above all, this career assessment inventory is highly versatile as it could be taken by a diverse group of people ranging from students to college graduates to experienced employees, and so forth.

A career assessment helps choose the right career path and helps individuals explore their potential and preferences. It also enhances confidence in career choices. upskillable is a virtual assessment platform that provides a valid and reliable career test that helps to solve the dilemma of choosing the right career path.

Visit upskillable to take its career assessment test and start a journey with a new career path.

Written by:
Lavish Gulati

Edited and published by:
upskillable team

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