The assessment market and current trends

The world is changing like never before. Organizations are becoming aware of the need to hire the best candidate suited to the job description, performed through an extensive analysis of the job’s roles and responsibilities. Training and development of the employees for their advancement to adjust to the agile nature of the work, and making objective decisions on promotions and succession are also being focused upon.

Technology in today’s era is emerging as the driving force for the development of economies around the world. Technology was viewed as an isolated system in the past, but the present scenario is witnessing its interaction with people broadly with the socio-political landscape. Technology has also modified the interaction of people with each other and society in general. 

Growth of the global assessment market

With all these innovations and alterations in the conventional system of doing business, the assessment market is flourishing at an ever-increasing pace which was indicated by Emergen Research report that the global assessment services market was worth USD 12.32 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 62.5% during the forecast period (Emergen Research, 2022). The assessment market utilizes human intervention with technology as a mediator to assess the different facets of an individual for them to complement the organizational and academic or other skill-based roles. This further helps the individual find their best fit and aids them in exploring their fullest potential.

The importance of psychometric assessments

  • The Assessment services industry is utilizing human reasoning with its technological potential and integrating a vast array of services for their organizational and academic clients under one platform for them to make wise decisions on employment, staffing, promotions, and training. 
  • It is also involved in developing online assessments for educational institutions. 
  • The industry not only limits itself with the assessment but also extends its scope by providing other consultancy services, assisting its clients in developing an effective business strategy that may help the organizations to pass the test of time within a vigorously evolving system of the business landscape. 

upskillable: Virtual Assessment Platform

upskillable is a platform that combines behavioral science and technology to cater to the increasing demand for assessment to hire the right candidate for a job; it also helps organizations to identify & address current employee skills gaps with a learning & development plan to enhance employee performance. upskillable aims to make the selection process automated to make it efficient for the organizations while using one of the most valid and reliable assessment tools.

Competitive advantages of upskillable

  • Learning and Development: Using assessment insights to identify skill gaps, upskillable creates learning and development plans for the organization’s employees to maximize training ROI (Return on investment) and improve employee performance.
  • Selecting the right candidates for the job: upskillable includes a wide array of individual facets in its assessment which help organizations to recognize a good fit for the job role.
  • Technology: It also uses advanced technology to make the process of hiring, selecting, and making promotional decisions automated, hassle-free, and efficient.
  • Human Element: The platform acknowledges the inclusion of human reasoning and intelligence, so it doesn’t deprive its assessment of a much-needed human component by involving a group of experts who always assist the clients.

With the advent of technology, the assessment industry has gotten a boost and is relying on automated digital tools to address the issues of recruitment, selection, and training, among a range of other organizational processes. upskillable is an agile platform that caters to the diverse needs of assessment by utilizing advanced tools and providing guidance at every step.

Visit upskillable and check out a range of online assessments guiding you in making organizational decisions.

Written by:
Lavish Gulati

Edited and published by:
upskillable team

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