Personality Inventory Assesment

Personality Inventory is a battery of three assessments that can be conducted online as a pre-employment test or for identifying training need requirements.

  • The First Assessment, measuring the preferred behavioural style, has its theoretical foundations the DISC model of human behaviour, developed by Psychologist William Marston.
  • The second assessment, measuring the preferred motivational style and drivers, is based on the works of Dr. Gordon Allport and Dr. Eduard Spranger.
  • The third assessment, measuring an individual’s strengths, draws its inspiration from the Science of Axiology, developed by Dr. Robert Hartman. Over 30 validation studies make this assessment one of the most powerful and reliable tools. It is used by over 300,000 people in 18 countries and can assist in finding, developing and retaining the greatest talent.

Together they answer the questions of WHAT, WHY and HOW : What natural talents do you have, Why are you motivated to use them and How do you prefer to use them.



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